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Written by Sam Kossoff   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 16:04
Cincinnati, OH -- Owner Sam Kossoff grimaced as he approached the podium where the national radio services positioning microphones and flash bulbs errupted.

"I am here to confirm the rumors that began yesterday afternoon. The Cincinnati Reds organization has been in negotiations for a period of time with the Cleveland Indians about several players. However, yesterday evening, after a telephone call with Vance Violante of the New York Yankees, several revised deals have emerged.

The Cincinnati Reds have dealt George Myatt and AAA pitcher Bob Carpenter to the Yankees for their first round pick in the upcoming draft. This move was made under the difficult condition that neither the Reds organziation nor Mr. Myatt wanted the event to occur. The reality of finances have come into play. Goerge believed he was deserving of star quality pay come the end of his rookie contract. At no time did George suggest that he would hold-out or refuse to play. But he made it clear that the proposed arbitration numbers were lower than his expectation for a long term deal.

We recognized that George represented the ideal lead-off man for our organization. He is exactly the kind of player we wanted in that roll and he was good at it. George was on base more than 40% of the time. He stole bases and he played well. Certianly Mr. Myatt recognized he need to improve his often iron hands, but he was young and getting there.

We just had no room to fit George into our long term plans with the contracts that are coming of age in the next few years. George understood it was a matter of dollars and nothing more than that. We certainly wish him well, until the point he plays the Reds in the World Series. I think the Yankees will be thrilled with George's speed on the basepath and lok for him to give AL pitchers some fits."

As for the Cleveland deal. The Reds and Indians have been talking all season long. Much fo the concern in Cleveland surrounded the aging level of some of its players. There was some internal arguements, valid arguements, that both Mr. West and Mr. Madjeski were going to return on one year deals if possible. However, the Indians also recognized that that solution did not provide for a Division win this season either. Thus the Reds cost cutting measure become the Indians forturne. The Reds send Veteran catcher Cliff Bolton, who has played his enitre career in Cincinnati. Cliff was quite dismayed this season when he learned that AAA Joe Grace was going to assume his role in 1941 and that he was likely out of a job come next season. Bolton figured he was headed to free agency and was fustrated by the prospect of moving far from home for the season. While Cleveland was not ideal, it was a short off day train ride home or reasonable to meet the family in Columbus. So bolton agreed to sign a deal and be traded north in to the AL. Joining Cliff will be fellow teammate Ted Petrosky. Petrosky has been a solid slap hitter in center for several years. However the emergence of the huge rookie class of two years ago, forced Ted into a backup role that was often fustrating for him and McCosky who was ahead of him. Ted wanted a regular starting job back, and Clevealnd gives him that shot. It was also a bit obvious that Ted was one of those bubble players come the off-season of 1941 going into 1942. It was likely that Petrosky was going to be on the FA market regardless. So Ted and Cliff join a couple of fella's from AAA and switch to the AL . We think that this is the beginning of the house cleaning that the Red's are going to be forced to deal with.

In the short term we expect that Tommy Hendrich will be released as he becomes too expensive a luxury for the Reds. We also think that at least one pitcher and perhaps even Johnny Mize might see themselves caught in the salary purge frenzy.

As for the Red's they hope that addtion by subtraction will work for them. With three first round picks the Red's should be able to retool.