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Tuesday, 03 November 2009 21:54

1936 BOY Predictions

Probably the most futile thing to try to do in a game like this but what’s the worst thing that can happen? I’ll be exposed for the baseball fraud that I am? A disgruntled owner shows up at my front door with a Louisville Slugger and a bag of Diamond-Dry? Hopefully neither of these scenarios occur but in the end it helped get me to do a little scouting and that’s never a bad thing. I encourage rebuttals, opinions, and additional evaluations…I know my fellow seamheads have them. Good luck to all and enjoy the season!


Philadelphia Phillies – Even after dumping important contributors in the offseason to stop the monetary bleeding the Phillies remain the cream of the crop in the East.
Team MVP – Arky Vaughn finally lives up to his rookie year.
Surprise Performance – Recently acquired Si Johnson makes the trade with the Yankees look like gold.

NY Giants – Very mediocre team has a very mediocre year. The excitement is gone after trading Gehrig, but there are a few nice players left.
Team MVP – Ivey Shiver tops 100 RBI
Surprise Performance – Hal Lee proves that 30 year old rookies don’t have Sophomore Slumps.

Brooklyn Dodgers – Smallest of the small market teams is making a play under new management. The toughest decision in recent draft memory went the way of the phenom 17 year old Bob Feller. When will he make his pro debut?
Team MVP – Wally Berger rebounds to take the team out of the NL East cellar.
Surprise Performance – Free agent acquisition Ethan Allen provides spark late in the lineup.

Boston Braves – Continue to slide two years after destroying the division. No obvious holes, but they come up short.
Team MVP – Josh Gibson may be the best player in the division, but can he put the whole team on his back?
Surprise Performance – Schoolboy Rowe reverses a troubling trend and delivers a solid #2 starter season.

Final Standings:
Philadelphia (N) 90-64
NY Giants 77-77
Brooklyn 64-90
Boston (N) 62-92


Chicago Cubs – Returning champs look like they could be called the dynasty of the ‘30s.
Team MVP – Dizzy Dean could rack up back to back 30 win seasons.
Surprise Performance – Stu Clarke continues to put up huge numbers of steals in the Dead-Shoe era.

Cincinnati Reds – The BOY’s own version of Susan Lucci pulls into the runner-up circle once again. They would win any other division handily.
Team MVP – Lou Gehrig leads this club and the league in HR and RBI.
Surprise Performance – Dutch Leonard becomes the first knuckleballer to win 20 in some time (hell I don’t know how long ‘cause we’ve only used pitches for a year).

Pittsburgh Pirates – Like the Dodgers, the Pirates step up a notch in their division. With only one non-pitcher above 30, look for this power hitting club to start winning some football-like scoring games.
Team MVP – 5-tooler (OK, 4-1/2 tooler ‘cause of the glove) Willard Brown earns some serious BOY-cred this season.
Surprise Performance – Joe DiMaggio shouldn’t really qualify for this pseudo-award, but this early in his career he’ll outperform his expectations. It’ll be interesting what kind of career numbers he and other WWII-ers will have given the chance to have full baseball lives.

St. Louis Cardinals – The quick slide from first continues, age is starting to become an issue as well. Redbirds will be flying south early this year.
Team MVP – Hammerin’ Hank rounds out a very solid star-heavy division with his best season yet.
Surprise Performance – Bill Swift finally grows into his closer role and delivers an almost perfect save record.

Final Standings:
Chicago (N) 97-57
Cincinnati 94-60
Pittsburgh 70-84
St. Louis (N) 62-92


Philadelphia A’s – Taking a second hack at making the World Series an all Philly brawl the A’s again top the AL East. Solid all around play makes it look easy.
Team MVP – Looking into Buck Leonard’s eyes you’ll see the reflection of three crowns if you look close enough.
Surprise Performance – Pepper Bassett becomes the first player ever to have 75 HR before age 9.

Boston Red Sox – May be the biggest sleeper team this year. On paper they just don’t look like they can compete with the elite clubs, but they seem to always exceed expectations.
Team MVP – Monte Pearson goes over 30 wins and fights for the Joe Wood Award
Surprise Performance – Bobby Estalella continues his meteoric climb after walking away with rookie of the year last season.

New York Yankees – The Yankees look to find themselves this year after trading away some household names, letting a player go, and re-signing a MVP finalist from a year ago. Their draft philosophy makes one think they need pitching, we’ll find out soon enough.
Team MVP – Dusty Cooke. Besides the A’s there are plenty of right handed pitchers for him to beat up on.
Surprise Performance – Rudy York blows up after a sophomore slump.

Washington Nationals – Trying but not necessarily succeeding in shedding some age. First round pick Easterling should help at 3B, hell anyone without Rickets would be an improvement. Will be a miracle if their ERA is below 4.5 this year.
Team MVP – Rookie Harold Easterling leads a club without a true star (something-tuple bagtting champ Hulvey doesn’t count anymore) with his bat and glove.
Surprise Performance – Andy Bednar submits a 20 win season and makes the team respectable.

Final Standings:
Philadelphia (A) 90-64
Boston (A) 75-78
New York (A) 75-78
Washington Nationals 74-79


Detroit Tigers – After a hiccup in ’35 the Tigers look to get back into the Series. Some fringe contributors have moved on but they have been able to keep the core intact. Pitching and power should propel them to the playoffs yet again.
Team MVP – Joe Medwick with his new monster contract continues his league-MVP-potential ways.
Surprise Performance – Paul Derringer moves from an almost forgotten third starter behind on of the best 1-2 combos in ball into a household name.

Chicago White Sox – After pushing the Tigers for most of the season last year the Sox fell apart in the second half. They use that experience to grow to the point of forcing a one-game playoff, but find that is just another step in the entire flight of stairs.
Team MVP – Ray Brown is the 25+ win cornerstone this team needs to compete.
Surprise Performance – Jimmy Hudgens starts to put a cherry atop the end of an up and down career.

Cleveland Indians – Cleveland fans will have to hope their club out-slugs teams this year, and they do have some pop in the middle of the lineup. If it wasn’t for the above mentioned clubs they’d have a shot.
Team MVP – Jimmy Foxx pounds his way to a 30HR/100+RBI season for the Tribe.
Surprise Performance – On a pitching staff without an ace, Ted Radcliffe uses his eight (?!?) pitches to baffle teams from the number 3 spot.

St. Louis Browns – A lot of mediocre players fill the roster, and a star or two would move the Browns to the next level. Just don’t see them beating the other clubs on a consistent basis.
Team MVP – Bill Norman comes into his own and puts up numbers that would make any team proud.
Surprise Performance – Chet Williams makes strides in becoming a household name. All around great year at the plate, in the field, and on the basepath.

Final Standings:
Detroit 88-66 *win playoff
Chicago (A) 88-66
Cleveland 65-89
St. Louis (A) 60-94

League Playoffs
Philadelphia (A) def. Detroit 4-2
Chicago (N) def. Philadelphia (N) 4-1

World Series
Chicago (N) def. Philadelphia (A) 4-3

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Phillies claim Fraud, Yankees to be Hauled into Court PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 00:25



 "The whole basis for the Phillies' organization entering into this deal was to bolster their playoff squad." Phillies' attorney Fester Shamblot began the press conference. "And as such, their rights have been grievously trampled upon!"

He is referring to the mid-season deal between the Phillies and Yankees, in which the Phillies received Chino Smith and Si Johnson, regular-season studs, to be sure. The problem, as far as the Phillies are concerned, is that they netted a total of 2 ABs and 0 IP from their new additions in the playoffs, due to injury.

"Undisclosed injury." Shamblot contends. "The virtuous Philadelphia Phillies organization was most feloniously duped by the wretched and miserable New York franchise, who knowingly unloaded their broken-down, decrepit excuses for ballplayers on our innocent and well-meaning team. We will produce witnesses that will testify under oath that, among other things, Si Johnson's pitching arm was held on by duct tape when he reported to the clubhouse, and that Chino Smith only has 7 toes. It's all here in this 354 page complaint we are filing in the Philadelphia County courts."

When asked if he believed his lawsuit had any merit, Shamblot bellowed, "Of course! We firmly believe that those two players, if healthy, would easily have made the difference in the tight, 7-game series that the noble, scrappy Phillies squad lost against those panty-bunched Cubs of Chicago. Had it not been for the evil, deceptive Yankees illegally withholding their health information, all of Philadelphia would be rejoicing with a World Series champion, as either the low-down, grubby, mouth-breathers that (generously) call themselves the 'Athletics', or our own honorable Phillies, would be holding the trophy. This represents a clear financial loss for the city, and well justifies our $1.2 billion lawsuit."

The Yankees' first settlement offer, reportedly "Take this shiny nickel and jam it in [location withheld]," has been rejected by the Philly organization.


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